Everything You Need To Know About a Shingle Roof

There are many reasons why choosing a shingle roof is such a popular option in the United States. For one thing, shingles have an Americana feel that looks great with many homes. Also, shingles can last as much as 20–30 years before requiring replacement. That makes them a great investment. Whether you’re weighing your options or looking for tips to keep your roof in top condition, here is everything you should know about shingle roofs.

Asphalt or Fiberglass?

Both asphalt and fiberglass shingles are excellent choices. The difference depends a great deal on local weather conditions, such as the extremes of hot and cold your home faces throughout the year. It’s a smart idea to talk with professional roofers for recommendations in your case.

Remember that investing in higher-quality options is worth it. You may pay more for the shingle roof materials, but installation costs are the same either way. The difference is that a high-quality roof may last a decade longer or even more compared to cheaper options. This makes excellent financial sense, and it’s also more comfortable for your family.

Cracks and Leaks?

If your current roof is leaking, you may not need to worry about complete replacement. Often, professionals can perform repairs that help the roof last longer. Leaks usually only show up after damaging storms or high-speed winds, so it’s a good idea to have pros check the roof from time to time.

Minor cracks can be sealed with roofing cement. For this to work, however, the damage needs to be detected as soon as possible. Otherwise moisture can find its way into the substrate. In fact, regular preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to help your roof last a long time.

Preventative Maintenance?

It’s a good idea to have pros check your roof every year, preferably after winter. That way they can detect small cracks or other issues before these turn into huge problems. By maintaining a roof in great condition, shingle roof replacement shouldn’t be something you have to worry about for a lo