Is Metal Roofing a Good Choice for Weatherproofing?

In the past, metal roofing was considered inferior compared to shingle, rubber and concrete roofing. Now, metal roofs are becoming more prevalent in modern construction. This stems from the fact that the use of a metal roof provides excellent weatherproofing and can even speed up your construction process.

How Does Metal Roofing Protect Your Home?

After professional installation, your metal roofing can hold up to things that other roofs would succumb to. This includes high wind, fire and many other natural disasters. In the past, some people shunned metal roofs because they believed they would conduct heat into the home. Studies now show that metal roofs may reflect that heat back into the environment and keep the home cool.

How Does It Benefit the Construction Process?

Metal roofing material is made from aluminum, which makes it lighter than virtually any other option. Because of this, the load-bearing capacity of the home’s walls does not need to be as high to carry the weight of the roof. The metal roof also tends to come in long sheets. This allows contractors to install entire sections of the home much quicker than installing shingles, one by one.

What About the Potential for Rust?

Metal has a bad reputation for rusting and losing structural integrity over time. Metal roofing comes pre-treated with anti-corrosive coats to reduce the risk of this happening. For these and other reasons, metal roofs tend to outlast other options available to you and may not need to be replaced or repaired for decades. They are also low-maintenance and easy to repair, when necessary.

If you are interested in using a metal roof for your home, check out nearby homes that used them. The contractor you choose might also be able to present you with portfolio pictures or home addresses where you can do a quick drive by. Once you see how these roofs look when applied, you might develop a new appreciation for them.