Simple Winter Roof Safety Tips

Winter can be hard on your roof. Heavy snowfall, thick ice and an old roof combine to create several risks. Protect your roof and stay safe with these winter roof safety tips. Work with a professional roofing contractor to stay safe and make sure your roof is built to last.

Inspecting Your Roof

It’s a good idea to inspect your roof throughout the year to make sure everything is working properly. However, winter is not the time to climb on your roof. Snow and ice create an extremely slippery surface. Whether you have asphalt shingles or steel roofing, leave the up-close inspection to the professionals.

Instead, try to access your attic or top floor. Inspect the ceiling for any signs of water damage. A leak in your roof can cause melted ice and snow to drip into your home and affect your insulation, drywall and other materials.

Removing Snow

Large amounts of snow can be extremely heavy. Older homes may not be constructed with snow rating in mind, so a large load of snow and ice may risk collapsing a roof. While rare, this is a serious issue related to winter roof maintenance.

To stay safe, or to encourage ice dams to melt, consider removing snow from your roof. The best way to remove snow is to use a specialty snow shovel with an extra-long handle. Don’t attempt to climb on your roof to remove snow. If you can’t reach with a specialty shovel, contact a professional for safe removal.

Working With a Professional

A professional roofing team can safely inspect your roof and provide full winter roof maintenance to keep you safe and warm. Don’t let ice and snow buildup damage your roof, but work with a professional team to quickly remove this buildup and provide emergency roofing repair services. Quality contractors can assess your roof and determine the best course of action for safe maintenance.