Your Cabin Needs a Metal Roof

When you retreat to your log cabin for some fresh air and much needed relaxation, the last thing you want to worry about is a leaking roof. If it’s time to upgrade the roof over your cabin, consider a metal roof.

Concerns of the Past

In the past, there were rumors that metal was an expensive option for roofing. People also suggested that metal may require some added installation costs or that the noise of rain would be amplified. However, these concerns have generally been unfounded. In fact, for more than a decade, metal has become more and more common for several reasons.

Durability and Beauty

A metal roof is very durable and retains it beauty even after being exposed to sunlight, rain, cold, and heat. It is appropriate for many climates and is especially valuable in harsher environments. Many of these roofs last more than 50 years without looking worn or rundown. Sometimes, the most durable materials aren’t the most decorative, but in the case of this roofing material, age may bring a beautiful finish to the metal. Additionally, the roof is available in many colors and styles.


One major concern for cabin owners is the risk of fire from fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, or even wildfire. Although other parts of the cabin may not fare as well during a fire, the roof is fireproof. This means that stray sparks, inside or outside, won’t cause a fire when they land on the roof.

Cost and Maintenance

Does it cost more to install a roof made of metal? It does, but when you consider the expected lifespan and the durability of the roof, the overall cost is an investment that leads to savings over time. This is particularly true if the roof keeps your cabin safe from a threatening fire. You’ll also find that maintenance for your roof is much easier when it’s made of metal.

A metal roof adds a unique and enduring beauty to your cabin. When it’s time to make upgrades to your getaway haven, consider the lasting impact of metal.