What You Should Know About Metal Roofing Materials

Roof pattern

Metal roofs have become common throughout the US, but they are especially beneficial in areas that receive heavy snows and hail because the metal is not damaged by the weight and impact. These roofs are also considered modern, and you can choose the style, color and shape that best complements your home. These are a few things you should know about metal roof materials.

Types of Metal

Most metal roofing materials are made from steel. However, new metal options, such as stainless steel, meal, and copper alloys are now being used as well. Although these new metals are more expensive, they are very durable. They are also seen as natural-looking alternatives.

You can choose the metal that looks best on your home and that will hold up best in your climate. You can also choose to use multiple metals. For example, you may want to highlight the edges of your roof using a different metal.


Metal roofing materials also come in a variety of styles and colors. You can also choose shingle-looking sheets. These specialty products look like a more traditional ceramic tile, slate, shingle or slate roof.

Exposed fastener panels are a budget-conscious option. This product comes in strips that are fastened together, creating parallel lines down your roof with exposed fasteners. Standing seam systems have a similar look, but they are clipped to the substructure of your roof, so their fasteners are not seen, and the panels lock together through a standing seam.

Each of these roofing types is available in a wide variety of powder-coated colors.


After you have chosen your metal roof materials, you need to choose your underlayment. If you have a different type of roofing, such as asphalt shingles, on your roof already, some metal roofing can be installed directly on top of it, but some needs to be removed so you can install your materials on a clean, smooth roof deck. You may also include additional insulation to dampen noise and increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Get help from a roofing contractor as you choose and install your new metal roof.